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General club information

All the stuff you want to know before joining or coming on a few trial walks!

Club history


The Logan & Beaudesert Bushwalkers was originally formed in October 1991 as the Village Bushwalkers. They still meet in the Old School house, Wharf St., Logan Village 4207 on the second Tuesday of every month.


It was always intended to be a casual group of like-minded people who get together for weekend walks and sometimes camping. Through our short history we have had Saturday walks, weekday walks and ventured into abseiling, canoeing, camping and through walking.


Occasionally the club organises more distant trips away (to Tasmania, New Zealand and to the Snowy Mountains - for example) with the object of taking on a variety of walk related activities. We try to offer a variety of walks and encourage visitors to become members to enjoy outings with us on a regular basis.


To obtain more club information including membership forms please contact us!

Club demographics


The club comprises some 70 active members and a number of casuals. Ages vary between 17 and 70 with a predominance of older adults. Obviously members are generally fit and enjoy outdoors activities including camping.


Club members live all through Brisbane, but generally on the south side.

Club membership


Members may take part in the day or weekend walks/activities that are organized almost every Saturday and Sunday. Members receive a monthly newsletter, can attend monthly meetings, vote on proposals, participate in any published walks, are insured, and can use membership card for some discounts at Camping or Bushwalking shops.


To apply for Club membership ask for and fill out our membership form. New Membership applications will be discussed each month at our meetings.

All children/adults who participate in Club activities must be recorded as members for insurance purposes.


The membership year is from 1st July to 30th June. 

The membership fee is $40  for and  Ordinary Member, or  $20 for an Associate Members (i.e. the partner or family of an Ordinary member).


Pro-Rata Membership:  Part Year Membership component will be pro-rata, for people joining during a year. The Treasurer will calculate the fee.


Club insurance


The club is affiliated with Bushwalking Queensland and therefore is insured for indemnity and liability in the course of gazetted club events. This insurance is effective on payment of Membership fees. For more information, please see this site.


Our Personal Injury or public liability insurances can cover visitors. Visitors are welcome to attend up to a maximum of 2 outings before joining. Thereafter they will be required to pay a membership fee before attending further activities.


Acknowledgement of Risks and obligations form to be signed by visitors

Trip sheets are completed before each activity to record participants for insurance purposes.

Club bosses

Please meet the club committe!

Main contact is the Publicity Officer:

      Andrew McLeod          0404 480 214

Other committee members are:

President                        Marija Basic             0413 270 430‬



Vice-president               Brian Watson           ‭0409 010 436‬


Secretary                        Jenny Davies            0452 258 402                                      



Treasurer                        Lynne Lucas             0407 643 375      


Librarian                         Gary Logan              0438 969 103


Newsletter Editor          Scherie Thompson 0400 184 477‬‬


Activities Coordinator  Andrew McLeod       0404 480 214


Website manager         Mark Filius                0413 456 832


Equipment Officer        David Nickson         07 3287 3312 


Please call or email any of the above persons or contact the club for more information and to receive a copy of the newsletter, a membership form and any updated information on future walks.

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